Ford : My Ford Touch (3)

Ford's new dashboards get a digital upgrade.

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Jan 07, 2010
My Ford Touch (3)

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Ford brings more digital connectivity and a host of techie upgrades to its vehicle dashboards with MyFord Touch. The driver interface takes a big step up from the brand's SYNC system, which appears in many of its current models. MyTouch acts as central control for all of the car's features. The dashboard features two LCD screens. The left displays car stats like mileage and fuel info, while the right features four color-coded categories: entertainment, climate, phone and navigation. Each is accessed through cellphone-like controls on their corresponding sides of the steering wheel. Central control also extends to the 8-inch touchscreen on the car's center stack, through which the music, temp and navigation can also be manipulated.

MyFord Touch also provides cellphone and iPod hookup, with two USB inputs, an SD Card slot through which drivers can add updates or upgrades to the system, RCA A/V input jacks and internet connectivity with full wi-fi capability.