Netflix Dropped a Creepy Meta Preview of 'Narcos' Season 2 on Facebook Live

You're Making Pablo Escobar Very, Very Mad

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Aug 26, 2016

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Yesterday, Netflix "Narcos" fans got a hit of the upcoming Season 2 when it dropped an episode into a Facebook Live stream -- but with a bit of spook thrown in.

The trailer begins with a very meta opening, as we see a pair of DEA agents encountering what appears to be a big stash. But it turns out it's the season's first episode, which they proceed to broadcast on Facebook Live.

But for viewers, it's not a complete score. About 11 minutes into the show, during a particularly steamy scene, its protagonist, drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, pulls the plug on it all, challenging viewers: "You think you can steal from me? What do you know about stealing? Fucking rat."

The idea was created out of Alma DDB, whose previous efforts for the show included a Narcopedia to bring the audience up to speed as well as Spanish lessons on Facebook and Twitter.


Aug 26, 2016
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