Jose Cuervo : National Tequila Day

Stunt Livened Up the Liquor-Themed Holiday

Published On
Jul 25, 2017

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Yesterday, in case you didn't know, was National Tequila Day. It also happened to fall on a Monday, so to save the day from boring-ness, Jose Cuervo decided to liven things up with a stunt.

The brand placed several water fountains in promient L.A hotspots -- but there was one fun catch -- they all dispensed Cuervo Silver. Visitors to Hollywood & Highland, the outdoor terrace of iconic gay bar The Abbey and the Venice Beach Boardwalk could all take a sip of ice-cold tequila from "H2Cuervo" fountains -- having first had to show proof of legal drinking age to bouncers keeping watch around the perimeter of each installation.

And for those who did get a taste, it wasn't a complete free for all. The fountains dispensed servings of just .25 ounces -- limiting imbibers to no more than three, the equivalent of half a shot.

The stunt, by Crispin Porter & Bogusky Los Angeles, is part of the brand's ongoing "Tomorrow is Overated" campaign, which is all about celebrating the moment.