Resident's Nectar mattress brand launches "Awaken Great Sleep" ad campaign featuring motivational sleeper Yawn Yawnson

Brand partners with Brooklyn-based creative content shop Mustache to kick off the world's quietest revolution

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Oct 08, 2019


It all started with a nap. Meet Yawn Yawnson: the first-ever hype man for sleep. Silk-pajama-wearing Yawn contrasts the serenity that is typical in sleep marketing and instead channels the energetic and over-the-top style of today's motivational speakers.

In a series of spots produced for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram platforms, Yawn addresses massive crowds and extols the power of his go-to sleep solution: Nectar, a memory foam mattress with unrivaled comfort and an unprecedented 365-night sleep trial. His fans, also known as Bedheads, go wild and partake in mattress surfing as a happily snoring customer rides atop the audience wave. 

“Prioritizing sleep is a problem that resonates with all of us. Too often it takes a backseat to everything else in life, which is why we felt sleep needs a hype man – we all need a little Yawn Yawnson in our life,” said Gil Efrati, CMO of Nectar by Resident. “Instead of leaning into a calm, sleepy message like so many others in the space, we want to get consumers pumped about cozying up, hitting snooze and sleeping in, all on a Nectar mattress.”

The “Awaken Great Sleep” campaign was developed and produced for Resident's Nectar by Mustache (part of Cognizant Interactive), an award-winning creative content agency headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and focused on the intersection of engaging storytelling and performance-driven content.

“We all know a great night’s sleep is amazing, but most brands talk about it in a way that’s unoriginal and far from attention-grabbing, said John Limotte, CEO and Executive Creative Director, Mustache. “From a strategic perspective, we couldn’t have asked for a more aligned client partner than Nectar by Resident, as they allowed us to literally bring sleep education to life in an exciting way through the creation of Yawn Yawnson.” 

To learn more about Nectar and join the Awaken Great Sleep movement, visit More information about Resident brands can be found at


Oct 08, 2019
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