A Home Security System Gives You a Glimpse Into Terror in This Frightening Xfinity Film

Dante Ariola Helms This Fun Horror Short From Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

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Oct 26, 2017

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Now here's a bizarre way to promote a home security system: a glimpse into the terror to be found if you have cameras trained on every corner of your abode.

Just in time for Halloween, Xfinity tapped Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and MJZ veteran director Dante Ariola to create "The Neighborhood," a mini-horror flick about a creepy mask that terrorizes the folks of one town.

The film opens on chilling scene of frightening figure, shuffling slowly down a pristeen street, wearing a creepy, burlap mask. It cuts to a pair of detectives who are going through the security footage captured in one home, trying to dig into what must have been some gruesome crime or accident. One reveals what happens at the front door of a home--a frazzled woman drops off a mysterious box on the doorstep.

Other cameras unveil what happens afterwards: The homeowner, a handsome yet perhaps hapless, friendly-looking man, picks up the package. When he opens it, he finds that mask from scene one, dirty and hastily stitched together with twine. As is convention in many horror flicks--he doesn't do what the normal person would do and toss it straight away. He walks down to the basement and instead of throwing it into the garbage bin with the bag of trash in his other hand, he sets it aside, on a table..

The man later falls asleep on his couch, haunted by scenes of vampire and zombie-like ghouls. This, of course doesn't inspire him to turn on all the lights, or call a friend, as one would do after a really horrifying nightmare. He wants to check out that mask instead! He creeps down to the basement, as if magnetically drawn to its weirdness and decides to try it on. We won't spoil what happens from there, but the Xfinity cameras reveal the rest of the tale, full of more chilling fun.

The five-minute short premieres today on Xfinity's social channels. It's also airing on-demand on Xfinity's X1 platform, along with other horror films you can enjoy for Halloween.


Oct 26, 2017
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Dante Ariola
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