Take a Virtual Tour of a Coffee Farm With Nescafe

Google Cardboard Lets You Experience Coffee Harvest in Brazil

Published On
Sep 30, 2015

Editor's Pick

Highlighting the provenance of ingredients is top of the list for food and drinks brands nowadays, and what better way to do it than in Virtual Reality? Nescafe has done just that, teaming up with Google Cardboard for a project that takes viewers to a virtual coffee farm where they can see farmers actually harvesting the coffee cherries in Brazil.

The Nescafe 360 degree app can be used on Apple or Android smartphones with a Nescafe-branded Google Cardboard viewer, or the interactive video can also be experienced on YouTube. Nescafe, and agency Ogilvy London, promised in a statement that viewers can "turn their head in any direction and feel as if they are standing in the coffee field themselves." Next stop, we reckon, should be adding the smell.