These Nestle Cups Are Designed to Help Kids Drink More Water

Design Is Part of Project to Combat Child Obesity in Mexico

Published On
May 18, 2015

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As part of a series of initiatives aimed at tackling Mexico's high rates of obesity in children, Nestle has developed a set of cups designed to encourage kids to drink more water. They transform water drinking into a game of "Guess Who?" as the kids answer questions from cards inserted into a plastic disc that fits onto the base, and can be seen through the clear water.

The design is just one of several that have been devised for United for Healthier Kids, a program developed by Nestle and agency Ogilvy Paris that brought together economists, nutritionists, designers and more to come up with ways to get kids eating more healthily. They also include Juice Wrestler, a juicer designed as a wrestler's arm which encourages kids to have arm wrestling competitions to make fresh fruit juice, and Story Plate, a plate that comes with interchangeable "landscapes" to encourage kids to make stories with vegetables on their plate.

The project has also involved a reality TV show, "Hermosa Esperanza," that aired from September 2014 to March this year, following five Mexican families trying to encourage their overweight kids to lose weight.