Breakthrough creative for highly technical product

Helping NetApp and Cisco differentiate a FlexPod, a joint venture, in the market

Published On
Jul 29, 2019


The Craftsman Agency developed and implemented a compelling new creative theme: “Data Orchestrated. That’s FlexPod.” We also crafted the accompanying design and messaging.

The inspiring campaign highlights the sense of possibility. It also connects FlexPod’s ability to orchestrate data in order to achieve tremendous results with the harmonious yet powerful processes that support a well-functioning ecosystem.

The campaign look pushes the boundaries for a tech company, embodying harmony and awe through bold, imaginative imagery that incorporates a visual representation of orchestration in life. In addition, it subtly weaves in the bubble-like shape of the FlexPod logo.

The theme has been applied to social content and is intended to also be used in digital ads, website landing pages, and event activations.