Does Netflix Have a New Logo?

Identity Redesign Could Reflect the Company's Changing Role

Published On
May 07, 2014

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It looks like Netflix has quietly unveiled a logo redesign. The company's original logo, consisting of shadowed white letters on a red background, has been replaced by flat red letters on a white background. The company debuted the new logo on a trailer for the show Orange is The New Black back in April and it isn't known which agency, if any, was involved in the redesign. While some online commenters have been dismissive, pointing out that the original logo is iconic and cleverly "evocative of cinema", others describe it as "cleaner" and more cohesive -- and more reflective of the fact that Netflix has evolved from a video distributor into a media owner streaming original content such as House of Cards. Creativity reached out to Netflix to ask whether this is a test, and if we will see the new marque on the company's site as well. Netflix did not respond to a request for comment.

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