Kraft Heinz Debuts New-ish Logo Highlighting Recent Merger

Names Come Together in New Design

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Aug 03, 2015
New Logo

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You'd think if you were to become the third largest food company in North America, and the fifth largest in the world, you'd want to get all gussied up for it, but Kraft Heinz didn't really bother. The formerly separate entities finally made official their merger, announced in March, and along with it has debuted a new, pseudo-streamlined logo (top image above). Actually, it's pretty much just a straightforward side by side reconfiguration of their previous nameplates, minus the flourishes of the logos' old borders.

However, as UnderConsideration's Armin Vit observes, the company did put some effort into harmonizing the union:

Indicating that someone did this logo with some sort of purpose the "t" in Kraft has been modified (tapered) to accommodate the swash of the "H". Nice try, but it only makes a bad merger logo worse because that "t" is fugly.

Fortunately, products will retain the former logos, so Kraft Mac & Cheese will not be (lazy logo) KraftHeinz Mac & Cheese. It's only the corporate logo that will look "no more cohesive than Harvey Dent," Mr. Vit said. Perhaps the new company should take a cue from Travelers and Citicorp.