Mini Goes Minimalist With a Pared-Down Logo Design

German Agency KKLD Worked on 'Reduced' Design

Published On
Dec 13, 2017

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Mini has redesigned its logo with a more minimalist, "reduced" approach to its traditional double-winged design.

The new design, by Berlin agency KKLD, will be visible on all Mini models as of March 2018. According to a statement by the BMW-owned brand, the "flat design" homes in on the key graphic elements of the former logo, which will feature on the bonnet, at the rear, at the center of the steering wheel and on the remote control.

To quote the press release: "The preservation of the fundamental, tradition-steeped motif of a winged wheel with the brand name printed in capital letters at the centre ensures the logo will be instantly recognized. The deliberate avoidance of shading and grey tones creates a starkly contrasting black-and-white effect that conveys the authenticity and clarity of the new brand identity, its two-dimensional character also allowing universal application."

Is it just us, or does the flattened out look remind you of clipart?