Pizza Hut Debuts Ad Starring People Who Call Its Pies 'Sh*t' and 'Petrol'

Aussie Spot Trials a Treasured Local Flavor

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Jan 20, 2015

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Most Australians are fiercely proud of their national spread, Vegemite -- but it's a well-known fact that others around the world aren't quite so keen. So when Pizza Hut Australia decided to introduce a pie with a Vegemite-stuffed crust for Australia Day, it made this hilarious ad showing tourists from around the world trying it out at a Bondi beach backpackers' hostel. Let's just say they're not impressed. "Petrol," "fish jam," and even "shi*t" are just some of their guesses as to what's inside.

The ad is the first work for the brand by Host Sydney, appointed late last year as Pizza Hut Australia's creative agency.