Behold, the Lowly Battery! W&K Depicts Duracell as a Hero in a Mundane World

First Work From W&K New York Also Includes Instgram 'Catalog'

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Jan 23, 2017

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In a post-truth world, who can you rely on? Duracell debuts the idea that "trust is power" in the first work from newly-appointed agency Wieden & Kennedy New York for the battery brand.

However, rather than straying into the realms of politics, two wittily-scripted spots revolve around Duracell's role in powering something crucial to the lives of a harried new mom (seen here) and a man suffering the indiginities of ear hair. The mom is fending off unwanted childcare advice from doulas, mother-in-law and the rest, but at least she can rely on her Duracell batteries to power her child rocker. Meanwhile, the ear hair guy just needs his trimmer to work, so that the unwanted growth doesn't ruin his life and his career.

The spots were directed by MJZ's Steve Ayson. They're also accompanied by an Instagram campaign that consists of a beautifully produced "catalog" that paints the Duracell battery in a hilarious heroic light, "A Veritable 'What's What' in the World of America's Most Trusted Battery Brand."

"Trust seems in very short supply today," said Ramon Velutini, vice president of marketing at Duracell, in a statement. "As the most trusted name in batteries, we felt that it was a better time than ever to leverage what our brand has always been built on. We wanted to come forward and reassert our position as a power that everyone can trust, every day. We're taking a light-hearted look at the real issue of trust, because while you do need trustworthy power when you're climbing K2, you also need it for your game controller and your kids' toys."