Want to Get Out of This World? These Gorgeous Vintage Travel Posters Were Designed by NASA

Astronomers Appeal to Our Imaginations With 'Ads' for Distant Worlds

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Jan 08, 2015

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These striking art deco-style posters from NASA are designed to tempt you to travel. There's just one catch -- the destinations they are advertising have never been visited by man. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory created the Exoplanet Travel Series to stir up interest in the distant worlds discovered by its astronomers. Although scientists can only hazard a guess at what some of them would look like, the designers (NASA visual strategists Joby Harris, David Delgado and Dan Goods) have done a fantastic job of making planets with names like HD 40307g look like appealing vacation spots, with strong colors, modernist typography and a look evocative of vintage posters from the 1930s.