Drive Through the Mountains of New Zealand in a Virtual Chevy Colorado

Immersive Experience for Showrooms Includes In-Car Sounds and Vibrations

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Apr 02, 2015

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Chevrolet has developed an immersive virtual reality experience for its Chevy Colorado truck that lets showroom customers experience a drive through the mountains of New Zealand via not just an Oculus Rift headset, but also through accompanying sounds and vibrations.

The "CoDriver" experience aims to realistically simulate the sensation of racing through the mountains; participants don an Oculus Rift headset with the view combining both CGI and purpose-shot 360-degree video footage, and sit in the passenger seat of a specially-fitted Chevy Colorado. Inside, they'll hear sound recordings (including the "driver" speaking to them, coming from the correct direction inside the car) and feel simulated vibrations in their seat. Participants will "navigate" rugged terrain and river crossings, and can share video of their experience on social media afterwards.

The project, developed by Isobar Australia, was unveiled at the Bangkok International Motor Show this week, and is going to be rolled out in other markets starting in Australia.


Apr 02, 2015
Agency :
Isobar Australia
Brand :
Chevrolet Colorado
Client :
Chevrolet Colorado
Executive Creative Director :
Dave Budge
Creative Director :
Brett White
Executive Producer :
Kara Bombell
Senior Art Director :
Darragh OConnell
Interface Design :
Pascal Van Der Haar
Senior Writer :
Michael Punton
3D Modeling and Animation :
Aron Tardini
2D Animation :
Ash Curkpatrick
Director, Mobile and Innovation :
Erik Hallander
Lead Developer :
Anton Wintergerst
Social Developer :
Andrew Bednarz
Onsite Developer :
Lauren Grimes
Video Production :
Two Bearded Men/The Storylab
Director :
Dave Budge
Producer :
Marteen Burger
Line Producer :
Toby Crawford
Director, Photography :
Tim Pierce
Aerial Director, Photography :
Nathan Kaso
Activation Agency :

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