Bloomberg Businessweek : The Next Four Years - Obama

Obama, four years older.

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Nov 07, 2012

Editor's Pick

Barack Obama, Bloomberg Businessweek has a really solid piece of advice for you: You might want to pick up some powerful anti-aging cream. The weekly posted its cover commemorating the President's second-term re-election on its site early Wednesday. Titled "The Next Four Years," the cover story focuses on the many challenges the President faces as he takes on his second term. The mag digitally altered his face, whitened his hair, and added many frown lines, as a metaphor to show how difficult the job is going to be.

While the Obama cover will be the only one hitting newsstands, the magazine also posted the alternate Romney cover, which would have gone out if Election Night had swung the Republican way. For some reason, Romney's aging seems to be much more noticeable -- artists obviously used Photoshop a little more heavy handedly on the Republican candidate.