NextMed Health made an AC/DC tribute album for surgeons to listen to while operating

Klick Health developed ‘Highway to Heal,’ an album of 11 tracks designed to reduce stress and maintain flow state

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Mar 15, 2023
A product shot of the "Highway to Heal" vinyl record

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It’s standard practice for doctors to play music while operating—numerous studies have confirmed it can reduce anxiety, improve efficiency and enhance surgical performance by increasing focus. And according to one recent study, AC/DC is particularly good for getting in the surgical zone.

NextMed Health, along with agency Klick Health, used that data to create “Highway to Heal,” a new album of 11 AC/DC songs rewritten with medically themed lyrics that doctors can play in the OR. The songs include the title track (a new version of “Highway to Hell”) as well as “It’s a Short Stop at the Doc (If You Wanna Chop a Mole)” (based on the original “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ’n’ Roll)”).

‘Highway to Heal’


‘It’s a Short Stop at the Doc (If You Wanna Chop a Mole)’


The tracks will soon be available on Lifesaving Radio, which includes an AI DJ named DJ AI Angus (a reference to AC/DC’s songwriter and lead guitarist Angus Young), who will give personalized shout-outs and commentary in between tracks for teams who enter their names, hospital/facility and procedure into the software.

The songs were recorded by some notable AC/DC tribute musicians, including vocalists Ivan Gac of Chile and Michael Vincent of Albany, New York, as well as guitarist Fil Olivieri from Sarasota, Florida.

Klick Health handled creative elements from the songwriting to the AI development to the limited-edition vinyl pressing in hospital-scrub blue. The cover art features an illuminated metal scalpel, stylized in the shape of a lightning bolt and engraved with “SR/GN” (surgeon).

“We are excited to bring ‘Highway to Heal’ and Lifesaving Radio to the medical community—rockstars in their own right,” said NextMed Health founder and chair Daniel Kraft, M.D. “This project brings to life research validating that AC/DC’s music elevates efficiencies in the operating room. It also leverages AI in a unique and engaging way that gives surgical teams a truly customized OR experience—all in support of improving health outcomes.”


Mar 15, 2023
Client :
NextMed Health
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Klick Health

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