Big Data's App Will Hack You, Then Share Your Most Embarrasing Secrets

Rajeev Basu's Nice2HackYou Highlights Internet Privacy Issues

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Jun 01, 2015

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Nice2HackYou is the latest cool project from Big Data, the New York band known for exploring the internet's impact on the human experience. Like the band's previous project Facehawk, it was made by creative Rajeev Basu (whose cool side projects include Mancub's Waiting in Line and Tumbly), and it highlights issues of privacy and surveillance.

The app will, with your permission, hack into your browser history and find "interesting" sites, using a special algorithm designed to pick out stuff like porn, relationship issues, medical diagnosis and embarrassing TV watching. You can then share the results with your friends (if they're not too incriminating), with real prizes as an incentive.

The app (which is optimized for Chrome, and needs at least two months of history) promotes Big Data's new album, 2.0. In a statement, Basu said: "Common sense would suggest that this app would be literally the last thing you would ever want to do. But you'll try it. Because it's not just revealing to others, but to yourself."


Jun 01, 2015
Big Data
Big Data
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