A Half-Time Speech to Remember, Courtesy of Nike

Turkish National Soccer Team Captain Arda Turan Delivers Rousing Rally Cry

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Mar 30, 2016

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Ahead of the UEFA European Championship this summer, Arda Turan, team captain of the Turkish national soccer team, gives his fellow footballers a half-time speech to remember in a new campaign from Nike and Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam.

His inspiring words remind them that their gritty experiences as kids playing hard and tough on the streets of Turkey will help them survive anywhere -- and succeed on the field. Mr. Turan is believably fervent in his delivery --perhaps because he actually wrote the speech along with the agency.

Viewers can immerse themselves in his speech even further, with a 360-degree, binaural experience that puts them in the room alongside the other players.

"Often 360-degree technology is used as a gimmick, but in this case, we really felt that it added to the experience," said W&K Amsterdam Creative Directors David Smith and Craig Williams in a statement. "The circular nature of a team huddle with all the players gathered around the captain lends itself to using 360-degree cameras, as did the binaural sound, which amplified the viewer's sense of being right in the middle of an amazing team moment."