Best of 2014 #7 Print/Outdoor/Design: Nike Shrinks Shoebox to Demonstrate Flexible Shoes

Limited Edition Box Is One Third of Original Size

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Jul 31, 2014

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At #7 in Print/Outdoor/Design, Publicis Impetu devised this clever packaging that served as a perfect showcase for the Nike Free 5.0 shoe. The box was extra-small, and in order for the shoes to fit into it, they had to be folded -- an ideal way to demonstrate the sneakers' flexibility.

Original Post:

To demonstrate how flexible its new Nike Free 5.0 shoe is, Uruguay agency Publicis Impetu created a shoebox a third of the original size, and rolled the shoes up inside. The limited edition box was used for the launch of the shoe earlier this year, for the first buyers.

The box isn't the only clever way Nike has demonstrated the pliability of Free. The brand got a lot of attention for its stunts in Japan out of W+K Tokyo, which used the shoes as ""instruments" in a DJ Kit and then later launched an online campaign that allowed people to contort the shoe by moving their faces.