Nike : Twitter RSVP

Get on Twitter to get your shoes.

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Apr 20, 2012

Editor's Pick

Hey Nike fans. If you're not on Twitter yet, you better get on. Nike is getting rid of its midnight shoe releases (probably because of the riots that are caused by hordes of shoeheads wanting to be the first to get a new model) and introducing a Twitter-based RSVP system.

Here's how it works: Follow your local Nike store on Twitter. On the day of the RSVP, the store will tweet to signal the start of the process, including a specific hashtag. DM the store in 60 minutes with the hashtag, the last four digits of your ID number, and shoe size. Confirmations will be sent via DM and you must pick up your shoe from the store on the launch date.

It's a toss up for Nike -- while lineups outside stores on launch dates provide much needed, free publicity, they can also cause problems. Nevertheless, it's an interesting move and you can get more details on the Nike site.