Nike's 'unstoppable' message moves to voting

Regina King narrates spot promoting the brand's voter initiatives, which include partnership with Lyft to help get people to the polls

Published On
Oct 23, 2020

Editor's Pick

Nike’s latest ads have celebrated how the world’s chaos—from the pandemic to racial injustice—can’t stop athletes from playing their sport. But now, the brand is taking its message of persistence to Election Day with a new spot preaching, “You Can’t Stop Our Voice.”

Narrated by actor Regina King, the ad, from Wieden + Kennedy Portland, features top sports figures such as LeBron James, Naomi Osaka, Sue Bird and Odell Beckham Jr. They’re juxtaposed with scenes of a lone female basketball player practicing on the court.

For the celebrity athletes, their skills have led them not only to athletic glory—they’ve also provided them platforms to help change the world. But others, like the basketball player, can make an impact too. 

King’s voiceover says, “You don’t need to be a star to have a voice” as we see the female athlete land a basket against a backdrop of multiple screens displaying voters from all walks of life. The spot then displays the line, “You Can’t Stop Sport,” with the last two words scrawled over in script to read, “You Can’t Stop Our Voice.”

The ad arrives alongside Nike’s various initiatives  to help voter participation and minimize barriers to voting. Among those is a partnership with Lyft. Together, the brands are offering discounted rides to communities that have historically had a difficult time getting their residents to the polls.