Put Your Flag On Your Face, With Nissan's Olympics App

Augmented Reality Experience Helps You Wear Your Team Colors

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Jul 19, 2016

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Nissan launched its "Die Hard Fan" app last year to celebrate its sponsorship of U.S. college football. The app let people turn their team colors into face paint; looking into your phone or tablet was like peering into a mirror, since the virtual paint stayed in place even if you moved around.

The app is getting an update for the 2016 Rio Olympics and going global; people can paint their faces with the colors of their national flag. For every country there are different designs with the national colors to try.

Experience design agency Critical Mass worked with Nissan on the campaign, which blended ordinary face-painting techniques with digital technology from facial recognition specialists Image Metrics. Image Metrics also worked with L'Oreal on its popular Makeup Genius app, which let women try on cosmetics virtually.