Nissan pokes fun at Finns' need for personal space

Ad turns on insight about country's proclivity toward introversion

Published On
Jan 22, 2020

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In Finland, the locals are known for being introverted. Advertisers have had fun with their tendency to avoid things like small talk, as in Burger King’s campaign last year involving a “silent drive-thru.” Now, Nissan is jumping on Finns’ reserved nature to highlight an important feature in its vehicles. 

The brand’s new print advertisement captures a typical scene in Finnish culture—when folks wait in line for the bus, they tend to maintain a significant amount of personal space between each other compared to that you’d see in the States or other countries. The ad spots a parallel in Finns’ behavior and Nissan’s own tech:  “Automatic distance control. Approved by Finns,” it reads. “Nissan’s ProPilot technology automatically keeps a safe distance to the vehicles ahead.”