A Nissan Rogue helps a family dodge the dangers of a 'distracted' world

The car's safety features shine in spot from TBWA/Chiat/Day New York

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Jul 24, 2019

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Digital devices’ command over our lives has become a theme of late in advertising, with marketers reminding us that it’s important to shut down every now and then, or at least during the holidays

But when the entire world seems to be powered on, Nissan says it’s here to help you deal with some of the dangers that come hand in hand with digital distraction. A new spot created out of TBWA/Chiat/Day New York and directed by MJZ’s Tom Kuntz depicts a dystopian metropolis where everyone’s eyes are fixed on their phones. 

An army of techno-focused zombies cross streets en masse, a newscaster live on the air stares at her tiny screen, thumbs typing away, a toddler in a stroller and kids hanging off a jungle gym are blind to the blue sky and foliage around them, heads aimed at their tiny phones.

Their misdirected focus is a recipe for disaster—a bus driver veers off course, a mom pushing her child in a pram crosses the street without checking oncoming traffic. Only one family, sitting in their Nissan Rogue, remains awake to the environs around them, and fortunately, so is their car. Its various safety features help steer away from the rogue bus, and stop it just as that mother and child step into the crosswalk.

A V.O. reads “This is protection in a world of distraction. This is Nissan intelligent mobility.”

The spot is set to the track “Johny Says Stay Cool” by Babe Rainbow. It was created under Nissan’s new North American VP Allyson Witherspoon. 


Jul 24, 2019
Client :
Agency :
TBWA/Chiat/Day-New York
Director :
Tom Kuntz
Chief Creative Officer :
Chris Beresford-Hill
Executive Creative Director :
Al Merry
Creative Director / Art Director :
Mike Blanch
Creative Director / Copywriter :
Aste Gutierrez
Head of Production :
John Doris
Executive Producer :
Christian Busch
Producer :
Sarah Haroldson
Managing Director, Nissan United USA :
Scott Kavanagh
SUVs Business Lead, Nissan United USA :
Parker Collins
Business Manager, Nissan United USA :
Natalie Otsuka
Senior Business Affairs Manager :
Felicia Simmons
Business Affairs Manager :
Sarah Giarraffa
Senior Strategic Planner, Nissan United USA :
Melissa Panasci
Product Integration Manager :
Christian Uka
Production Integration Director :
Andy Galvin
Vice President Nissan Marketing Communications & Media :
Allyson Witherspoon
Director Marketing :
Erich Marx
Senior Manager Brand Marketing :
Scott Traynor
Senior Planner Marketing Communications :
Ken Davis
Production Company :
Director :
Tom Kuntz
Director of Photography :
Darius Khondji
President :
Dave Zander
Senior Executive Producer :
Eriks Krumins
Producer :
Emily Skinner
Edit :
The Whitehouse Post
Editor :
Russel Icke
Assistant Editor :
Alejandro Villagran
Executive Producer :
Caitlin Grady
Producer :
Ryan Smith
Editor Socials :
Jake Armstrong
Assistant Editor Socials :
Rachel Hamburger
Music Supervision :
Executive Producer :
Sara Matarazzo
Executive Producer :
Stephanie Pigott
Producer :
Danielle Soury
License Track :
Johny Says Stay Cool by The Babe Rainbow
Final Sound Mix :
Wave Studios
Sound Designer/Mix Engineer :
Aaron Reynolds
Executive Producer :
Vicky Ferraro
Associate Producer :
Eleni Giannopoulos
Post/VFX :
The Mill
Executive Producer :
Heath Raymond
Producer :
Joe Hobaica
Shoot Supervisor :
Blake Druery
2D Lead Artist :
Blake Druery
2D Artist :
Artur Elson
2D Artist :
Kshitij Khanna
2D Artist :
Justin Kiel
2D Artist :
Randy Krueger
2D Artist :
Alexis Jo Nasser
Line Producer :
Payal Thakkar
Paint Lead :
Nithin Babu
Paint Artist :
Anuj Bhandari
Paint Artist :
Rahul Bhardwaj
Paint Artist :
BalaChandhiran K
Paint Artist :
Akash Mishra
Paint Artist :
Sandeep Kumar Singh
Paint Artist :
Nageshwara Sunkara
Paint Artist :
Chakravarthi V
Production Coordinator :
Umesh Chand
Color :
The Mill
Colorist :
Damien Van Der Cruyssen
Senior Producer Color :
Rochelle Brown
Color Producer :
Blake Rice
Production Coordinator Color :
Lucy Gatanis
Color Assist :
David Franzo
Color Assist :
Aaliyah Lambert
Color Assist :
Elias Nousiopoulos
Color Assist :
Chris Wolcott

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