Nivea Invents an App That Can Detect B.O. (Yes, Really)

Simply Stick Your Phone in Your Armpit

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Apr 27, 2016

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Nivea may just have solved one of life's most embarrassing problems; having B.O., but no-one being prepared to tell you about it. Now, your smartphone can.

The brand's Nivea Nose app, created by Belgian agency Happiness FCB for Nivea Men, can actually detect body odor, via some sensors on a customized phone case. The Beiersdorf-owned brand says it's particularly intended for men, whose brain only has 40% of the space dedicated to detecting odors as women's does, and who often can't smell their own body odor.

As seen in the -- admittedly rather cheesy -- explanatory video, all you have to do to use it is stick your phone under your armpit (we're thinking that won't be in a public place) and the app uses an algorithm to determine whether your're fresh or stinky. First it benchmarks your normal smell and then, once it has established a baseline, the learning algorithm will detect when the the user's body odor start to take a turn for the worse. It then connects you directly to Nivea's online store so you can put that deodorant order in.

The app is currently in beta, and will be further tested worldwide this year. According to FCB, it will be launched in the AppStore and GooglePlay in the next phase.