Gamblers, You're Bound to Lose, Says Betsafe's 'No Bullshit Betting' Campaign

Smug Betting Boss Taunts Punters With Riches Won at Their Expense

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Aug 10, 2015

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Betsafe is portraying its own customers as losers in a new and brutally honest campaign, "No bullshit betting."

A gambling betting ad that shows a profusely-sweating punter and a triumphant gambling boss might seem counter-intuitive, but Betsafe has chosen to challenge gamblers to make bets even though they know the odds are stacked against them rather than tempt them with promises of jackpots and luxury lifestyles.

The flagship 90-second spot, by CP&B Scandinavia, shows the Betsafe boss stepping out of a limo and into a feverish world of Arab sheiks, cowboys, pop stars, oil barons and businessmen, all nervously watching a soccer match on which they have staked substantial cash.

As she calmly strides through the room, she declares, "Life is all about the challenge. Who celebrates the status quo? I don't. I've turned that mindset into making a living. A good living. At your expense." She finishes by saying, "Odds are you don't have what it takes to beat us in the long run Go ahead. Prove us wrong."

Markus Lindsj, creative director at Gothenburg-based CP+B Scandinavia, said in a statement, "We want to reach those who don't see themselves as the statistically average. The self-proclaimed outliers. And to get them to attempt to prove us wrong when we say in all honesty that they're unlikely to beat us."

Betsafe, an online gambling company headquartered in Malta, is running the campaign across northern Europe. Jeremy Taylor, the company's managing director, said in a statement, "Ultimate players and thrill seekers are incredibly tired of being patronized. Our customers are not stupid and I think they deserve the honesty that we give them with this new campaign."


Aug 10, 2015
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