Barnardo's : No Words Says It All

Baseball's hall of nothing.

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Jan 09, 2013

Editor's Pick

Art, or lack thereof, played a key role in the New York Times' brilliant reporting of the Baseball Hall of Fame's announcement that no players--namely, those who have come under fire for allegations of steroid use, would be inducted into the Hall in 2013. Replacing any copy was a stark blank page of white, under the headline "And the Inductees Are. . ."

According to, the idea came from NY Times art designer Wayne Kamidoi, who told reporter Darren Rovell, "In what should have been a historic day for Cooperstown, it proved to be an incredibly empty day for baseball. That's why 11.5" by 13" of white space seemed appropriate." Kamidoi also noted that the players with the tarnished images who didn't get voted in have become a "mere footnote" in baseball history--a point he illustrated by rendering their names in very tiny type at the bottom of the story.