Projection Mapping Gets a Serious Facelift

Technical Director Nobumichi Asai Creates a New Kind of Makeup

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Aug 18, 2014

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Japanese technical director/producer Nobumichi Asai, along with a team of other video mavens, recently released this experimental video "Omote," showing the wild potential of projection mapping combined with real-time face-tracking.

Projecting visuals onto people's mugs is nothing new -- Adobe recently used the technique in its recent "I Am the New Creative" campaign and it was the backbone of this 2011 music video for Bell. But Mr. Asai, who has worked on projection mapping projects for brands such as Subaru and Dunlop, shows how far it can go in this experiment. Here, it serves as a kind of living makeup, imparting its subject with a constantly morphing series of looks that range from traditional makeup style to futuristic, sci-fi-style face alteration. The tech opens up a world of possibilities for makeup brands and, perhaps, plastic surgery practices.


Aug 18, 2014
Nobumichi Asai
Nobumichi Asai
Planner/Producer/Technical Producer:
Nobumichi Asai
Art Director/Make Up:
Hiroto Kuwahara
Technical Director/Programmer:
Paul Lacroix
CG Designer:
Jin Hasegawa
CG Designer:
Takashi Ishibashi
Production Manager:
Ayaka Motoyoshi
Production Manager:
Aya Kumakura
Production Manager:
Yoshihiro Ueno
Koji Kojima
Kazuhiro Nakamura
Kenji Nakazono
Kimihiro Morikawa
K. Furumoto
Yuka Sekimizu
Hideaki Takahashi

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