Nokia Hands Out Smartphones In 'Social Photography Experiment'

Website Will Showcase Photos Taken By Random People On Its Lumia 1020 Phones

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Jan 21, 2014

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Nokia is launching what it calls a "social photography experiment" by handing out 30 smartphones to people in 30 different cities and asking them to take photos, then pass the phone on. Users of the Nokia Lumia 1020 phones are encouraged to post photos representing from their city and their daily lives, hashtagged with #passiton and whatever feelings they feel the photo represents, then after 24 hours pass the phone on on to someone else who they think will have an interesting story to tell. All the hashtagged pictures will be published on the #PassItOn website.

The campaign, by Havas Worldwide Helsinki in Nokia's native Finland, does represent a bit of a gamble -- Nokia has no control over who takes part and after all, there is no guarantee the next person won't just pocket the phone -- but so far, it has generated some fairly cool photography.