Binge-Watching Is Like a Train Journey in This Wes Anderson-Esque Ad

Portuguese Spot Promotes Film and Drama Streaming Service N Play

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Mar 02, 2017

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Portuguese media company NOS is promoting its "N Play" series and film streaming service with a whimsical spot that likens a train journey to people's different binge-watching habits.

The ad opens with a train driver (Portuguese actor Nuno Lopes) setting a toy train on its tracks. We're than transported into the world of the little train and different traveling behaviors of its passengers -- for example Pedro, who "hops on" to watch one episode of "Westworld" each day, a group of friends who spend the whole weekend watching seasons of "Vikings," or Madalena, who's still catching up with "Game of Thrones." Each passenger descends at their own themed stop, colored in vivid pastel colors to match the travelers' outfits.

The production style seems unquestionably inspired by Wes Anderson (and of course we're reminded of Anderson's own train-based ad, for H&M and Adam&Eve/DDB last Christmas). Nevertheless, it has its own charm, and the TV watching/train ride metaphor is an unusual one.

The spot, by Havas Lisbon and directed by Marco Martins at Ministerio dos Filmes, ends with the words "Don't miss this train."


Mar 02, 2017

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