Microsoft's New Post-Nokia Ad Is Reminiscent Of Apple

'Not Like Everybody Else' Spot Celebrates Last Week's Acquisition of Nokia

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Apr 28, 2014

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Microsoft has released a new campaign painting itself as the brightly colored standout in a black-and-white world, following its acquisition of the Nokia mobile hardware brand last Friday. The web spot (which is definitely reminiscent of Apple's work from a few years back, particularly with its array of colored phones in the end-frame) features a colorfully dressed young guy walking confidently through a black and white streetscape with one of Nokia's brightly-hued Lumia smartphones, and is set to the Kinks' track Not Like Everybody Else. It was created in-house, and will be reportedly followed by a series of similar videos, each set to an iconic soundtrack. Following the competition of its Nokia purchase, Microsoft is set to launch a major marketing offensive encouraging consumers to switch to WindowsPhone.