Dull Smartphone Unboxings Take an Unexpected Turn in This Samsung Campaign

Trio of Films by McKinney Has Fun With a Familiar Format

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Apr 20, 2015

Editor's Pick

Samsung takes the smartphone unboxing video and turns it on its head in this trio of fun new films by McKinney.

All three ads start out seeming to be the typical product demo that consumers or bloggers create when a new product comes out, with our demonstrators removing their new Galaxy S6 Edge out of their boxes and showing off some key features. But just as our attention starts to waver, the films take an unexpected turn.

In the video above, a text arrives and instantly our smartphone user is catapulted into a scenario straight out of a Guy Ritchie movie -- fighting off bad guys left, right and center while trying to escape from a rooftop via helicopter.

Another scenario sees our demonstrator take his smartphone for a spin via some impressive Parkour, while a third shows a woman use the ten minutes it takes her S6 to charge constructively, taking in a top chef, synchronized swimmers, a disco diva kid, wood sculpting and more from her apartment.