NRMA : Interactive Bus Stop

Music while you wait, courtesy of your car insurance.

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Feb 15, 2012

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Commuters get a musical treat from NRMA Insurance and Whybin/TWA/Tequila. To remind them about how much they love their custom car stereos--and that they should probably have the proper auto insurance to protect them, the agency created this interactive bus shelter equipped with--its very own car stereo. Located at Wynyard Station in Sydney, the shelter stereo actually works, with the help of consumers' mobile phones. People use a QR code or URL where they can Like the NRMA Facebook page, which then lets them pick a tune to play through the shelter's speakers instantaneously as they wait. Cute idea and nice tie-in to the product, although we're wondering how many folks would choose this over their own no-Like required iPod selections.

The shelter just went live this week and is part of a broader campaign emphasizing NRMA's broad Comprehensive Car Insurance, which it asserts covers extras that other brands might not.


Feb 15, 2012

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