Ad Vets Think Up 'Artisanal' Bodega Ads to Save NYC Small Businesses

Those Exorbitant Hoagie Prices Are a Bright Idea

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Jul 15, 2015

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There's nothing like a quality "House-Made Sustainable Hoagie," and for just a mere $22.59 it can be yours from Jesse's Deli in Boreum Hill, Brooklyn.

The sandwich, which formerly was just a hoagie that went for a mere $7.53, is now part of the "Artisanal Landlord Price Hike Sale," a campaign conceived by ad vets Doug Cameron and Tommy Noonan to save small businesses like delis and bodegas throughout New York City. The effort, which has gotten attention on the NY blog circuit, features simple, homespun ads with sarcastic, dramatic product descriptions like "Wind-Powered Kettle Crisps" (a bag of chips) and "Skateboarder-Delivered Grilled Cheese Sandwiches." More importantly, the ads now reflect new, exorbitant prices, such as that of the nearly $23 dollar hoagie.

The point was to draw attention to the rent hikes NY bodega and deli owners have encountered of late. Mr. Cameron, founder of new agency DCX Growth Accelerator and an ad vet from shops like Cliff Freeman and Amalgamated, had wandered into Jesse's and discovered it was going to close because owners jacked up the rent 250%. He teamed with fellow Freeman and Amalgamated alum Tommy Noonan and started brainstorming on ideas to help the establishment, which had been open since the early '80s. Ultimately, they came up with #BilldeBodega, a pro bono effort that includes the price hike sale and that aims to seek protection for bodega and deil owners through a proposed bill called the Small Business Jobs Survival Act.

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Jul 15, 2015
NY Bodegas
NY Bodegas
Doug Cameron
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Tommy Noonan
DCX Growth Accelerator

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