Sony Vaio : Oceans of Treasure Game Trailer

Search for a shipwreck

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Apr 26, 2011

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Following last year's joint project to launch a rocket, Sony and Intel are teaming up for a new venture, Project Shiphunt. It will see a group of Michigan students hunt for a sunken ship in the Great Lakes, using Sony VAIO laptops with Intel processors.

To promote the project, 180 LA has created Oceans of Treasure, one of the first ever games created using Google Earth. Players search for a fictitious sunken ship by collecting clues and data. Once they narrow their search area, they can dive into the depths of the water to explore the virtual shipwreck and win prizes. The game can be accessed on or Sony's Facebook page.


Apr 27, 2011
Client :
Brand :
Sony Vaio
Agency :
180 LA
Executive Creative Director :
William Gelner
Creative Director :
Gavin Lester
Creative Director :
Paul Bichler
Copywriter :
Ben Barney
Art Director :
Ryan "Pocket" Fluet
Head of Production/Managing Partner :
Peter Cline
Senior Producer :
David Emery
Interactive Producer :
Chris Neff
Editor :
Dave Groseclose
Visual Effects Production Company :
Gentleman Scholar
Director :
Will Johnson
Director :
William Campbell
Art Director :
Paul Yeh
Producer :
Tyler Locke
Executive Producer :
Rob Sanborn
3D Modeling/Rigging :
Daniel Teliants
3D Animator :
Daniel Teliants
Designer/Animator :
Joseph Chan
Designer/Animator :
Paul Yeh
Designer/Animator :
Daniel Teliants
Compositor :
Joseph Chan
Editorial :
Whitehouse Post
Editor :
Josh Bodnar
Music Company :
Human Music
Producer :
Jonathan Sanford
Composer :
Gareth Williams
Digital Production Company :
Director :
Robert Bader
Producer :
Rob Corradi
Executive Producer :
Valentina Culatti
Technical Director :
Gilles Boisselet
Design :
Jarrod Castaing
Technical Lead :
Keita Kuroki
Front-End Development :
Silvio Paganini
Back-End Development :
Artjom Vassiljev
Motion Graphics :
Sophie Langohr
Sound Design :
Steve Nolan

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