Oculus brings scares to college campus with the 'Fear Truck'

The VR system immersed students in Resident Evil experience

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Oct 27, 2021

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Have you ever played a terrifying video game filled with guts, scares and zombies and wished you could live it? You’re in luck! Ahead of Halloween, to promote the new virtual reality rendition of scare-filled title Resident Evil 4, Facebook’s VR platform Oculus sent what it dubbed the "Fear Truck" to a Los Angeles college campus to bring screams directly to horror-hungry students. 

Resident Evil 4, one title in the popular survival game franchise, centers on a zombie apocalypse brought on by an evil pharmaceutical company.  In the activation created by Facebook Reality Labs with agency DeepLocal, participants were invited to spin a buzzsaw blade inscribed with chapter titles from the game.

Once they chose their scenario, they donned Oculus headsets and stepped into the "Fear Truck." The vehicle was decked out with glass walls that allowed spectators to witness players’ fear. Inside, reactive tech responded to events in the game to intensify the experience of the Oculus players. Monsters and jump-scares triggered the truck’s haptics, causing it to shake and rumble, while shooting an enemy triggered slime to spray on the gamers.

The campaign recap film shows characters wielding chainsaws and machetes wreaking havoc in the school library and in shadowy corridors.  It then goes on to document the players' experience. Wearing hazmat gear, they curse, scream and jump as scary events in-game trigger real-world effects in the truck, inspiring onlookers to applaud the gamers' bravery.