Is This Super Bowl Ad About a Pizza Order . . . or Something More Sinister?

NFL to Run Anti-Domestic Violence PSA During Game

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Jan 26, 2015

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A woman calls 911 and orders a pizza, keeping her voice calm as she puts in the request for half pepperoni, half mushroom. The viewer doesn't see her, but instead, the camera pans an apartment, its state of disarray becoming more chilling as we realize what's really going on. This really is an emergency call, and she can't talk openly because the perpetrator is in the room.

The PSA, funded by the NFL, will run during the Super Bowl. The league is donating 30 seconds of airtime during the first quarter for the PSA on behalf of No More, an organization formed in 2013 to combat domestic violence and sexual assault. The NFL covered the production costs for the Super Bowl spot and it was created pro bono by Grey, the NFL's ad agency; you can read more about the campaign over at

It isn't the first time a link between violence and major sporting events has been highlighted: during this year's soccer World Cup, a similarly disturbing PSA ran on British TV, after the U.K.'s National Centre for Domestic Vioence found that domestic violence increases by 25% after an England game.