Ogilvy makes a powerful plea for peace on the anniversary of the Ukraine war

NGO Emergency’s goal isn’t just to end this particular conflict—it’s to abolish war altogether

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Feb 24, 2023
A man sitting in an abandoned swimming pool full of leaves

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To be sure, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to a humanitarian crisis on a heartbreaking scale. But it’s nothing compared to what we might face in the future, according to a powerful short film unveiled today—the first anniversary of the Ukraine war—by Ogilvy Italy and the NGO Emergency.

Since its founding, Emergency has always stood against war. With this new conflict raging—and with the ever-present danger that it could spiral into something unthinkable—the new film urges viewers to reflect on the kind of peace that might soon arrive if we don’t take action now.


Igor Borghi directed the piece, with Emanuele  Zarlenga as the DP. The piece is truly impressive in its visuals—which were shot in real abandoned locations, with no CGI. The star is Angelo Spagnoletti, a well-known actor who’s appeared in a number of Italian series lately.

“Men must eliminate war from history, or war will eliminate men from history,” said Emergency founder Gino Strada.

“We believe in the power of creativity in making an impact on people’s lives,” said Giuseppe Mastromatteo, president and chief creative officer of Ogilvy Italy. “It is a great pleasure for us to help Emergency pursue such a great ideal that unites us all. This collaboration has been giving birth to many projects that made us proud, allowed us to experiment with different languages and stories, and this time we’re happy to release this short film for a great cause.”