See the Perils of Saying 'I Love You' Too Soon in This Charming Ray-Ban Short

A Touching 'Never Hide' Film From Directors The Spielbergs

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Aug 12, 2016

Editor's Pick

Ray-Ban's "Never Hide" series of short films with L.A. creative shop Yours Truly Creative has produced some gems so far. Last year's "Glue" was a hilarious black comedy in which a couple fell out over their tech obsesssion; now here comes a new short, "Oh, Jerome, No," that is instead gently and touchingly funny.

The film was directed by Washington Square Films team Spielbergs, aka Teddy Blanks and Alex Karpovsky--the latter who's also known for playing Ray from HBO's "Girls." It tells the story of Jerome (Mamoudou Athie) a guy who can't stop blurting out "I love you" on first dates.

After a series of failed romantic encounters he goes to a hypnotherapist (a cameo by Debra Winger) and appears to be cured. But what happens when his latest relationship, with singer/songwriter Natalie Prass, progresses -- will he be able to say it back?

It's a charming story, with some lovely touches -- like the couple mourning the death of their goldfish, and Jerome's dysfunctional relationship with his confidante/friend Dan -- that'll leave you wanting to know more about these characters.