Time to Move to Ohio: They Have 'Superman' License Plates There

Siegel and Shuster Society Campaigned for Two Years to Make This Happen

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Oct 09, 2013

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The Siegel and Shuster Society in Ohio, a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, have successfully campaigned the state of Ohio to create a Superman license plate, a nod to Glenville, where the Man of Steel was created.

The plates feature Superman's insignia, and cost a little extra to order. They were a long time coming. According to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer's website, the idea was introduced in the state Senate by Sen. Tom Patton, but never made it out of committee. It was then attached to the Ohio Budget, which finally made it a reality. The Siegel home, where the superhero character was created, is in the senator's district.

Incidentally, the Canada Post marked the fact that co-creator Shuster was Canadian by introducing a whole series of Superman-related merchandise, from stamps to coins. Photo via Cleveland Plain-Dealer's Twitter.


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