Old Spice Is Casting for a Movie -- and Anyone Can Audition

P&G Brand Has Been Tweeting Casting Calls for 'Invisible World'

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Aug 08, 2017

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Fancy yourself as the next Isaiah Mustafa or Terry Crews? Perhaps you could be, because Old Spice is holding auditions, and not just for an ad -- for a movie.

The brand has been tweeting Casting Calls for "Old Spice: The Movie" and revealed that the title will be "Invisible World: an Invisible Spray production." While further details are not yet forthcoming about the storyline, it looks so far as though it involves characters including a halftime announcer, an over-enthusiastic space-sports fan, a news reporter, a pilot, a super-cool party DJ, a train conductor and a "squawking, flapping pterodactyl."

Those who want to audition are being asked to DM their reads of particular tweeted lines to the company, between now and Aug. 20, and W&K is behind the campaign. More information as soon as we hear it.