Old Spice's Hairy Director of Marketing Quits

Wolfdog had held post for just a week

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Mar 15, 2013

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Well, that was fast. The revolving door of the upper levels of the marketing hierarchy have claimed another victim: Old Spice's director of marketing, Wolfdog. The hairy CMO, who was hired to launch Old Spice's newest collection of guy scents, the "Wild Collection," had held the job for just over a week. Reasons for his departure are unclear, but his parting message provides some clues.

Below, a short reminder of all he accomplished.

He burst onto the scenes with a memorable introduction that had him eating up other, less-accomplished marketers at the company, schooled millions on the basics of business via a series of "how to succeed" videos. He even held interviews using cutting edge technology, (Google Hangouts) and helped out "celebrities" like The Bachelor's Sean Lowe. While doing all this, he also released an album of tunes that would inspire you to succeed at business, one of his many philanthropic efforts that also included posting a number for people to call if they wished to look like they were busy at the office. Wieden & Kennedy Portland tells Creativity that his campaign generated more than 4 million video views in total, over 30,000 new social fans, followers and subscribers -- and over seven years of video content was viewed. That last number just happens to be the average lifespan of a wild wolf.

We'll miss you, Wolfdog -- but we wonder who'll be next to lead Old Spice marketing. As the outgoing marketing executive says, it could be any species, including, maybe, a hawk.