Old Spice's Quirky Take on NFL Includes Mannequin That Sprays From its Armpit

Football-Themed Product 'Innovations' Can Be Viewed on Brand's Tumblr

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Nov 03, 2015

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This year, Old Spice's typically quirky take on NFL Season includes creating a Tumblr full of off-the-wall "products" for celebrating the sport of football. Created together with NFL, these "innovations" include a "High Five" mannequin that sprays Old Spice from its armpit, as well as a First Down Marker costume that was released just in time for Halloween. Athletes like Drew Brees, Clay Matthews, Jamaal Charles, Nick Mangold, Antonio Brown, Andy Dalton and Vince Wilfork will be making appearances, and keep an eye out for weekly video and Instagram updates. There are also stickers to download.