Old Spice : Sand Car

Believe in your smellf.

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Apr 23, 2012

Editor's Pick

Old Spice introduces 'Champion,' a new line of deodorant, body wash and body spray that promises to bring out the true champion within each and every one of you. And to celebrate your "true smellf" (geddit?) Wieden + Kennedy Portland and Tim Godsall of Biscuit launch a new television spot that sees an unlikely hero talking himself up to tell himself that he does, in fact, have big, bulging muscles, nice hair, sophisticated friends and a sports sedan (made out of one very environmentally friendly material.) Watch out for an awesome cameo by his soon-to-be-ex girlfriend as well.

The campaign includes a couple of other television spots, all focusing on the same theme of rising above the naysayers and believing in yourself, and there's also a print and rich media component, which can all be seen on the right.