Red Bull Celebrates One Billion YouTube Views

Energy Drink Is Second Only to NBA Among Brand Channels

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Jan 27, 2015

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Today, Red Bull released this fun-filled compilation video, "One Billion People Are Awesome," thanking its fans and celebrating one billion views on YouTube. The film plays out kind of like a Google Zeitgeist video but starts its countdown on July 2, 2008 with its first clip, which featured pro mountain biker Kyle Strait hopping over a picnic table and then goes on to include other hits like, of course, Felix Baumgartner's freefall from space. (All of the clips featured can be viewed on the brand's "One Billion Views" page.)

Red Bull has the second-highest-viewed YouTube brand channel to only the NBA (2.5 billion views). YouTube parent Google follows at #3, with just shy of 9.5 million views, according to data provided by Pixability, a YouTube ad buying and marketing platform. (The data did not include pure media brands such as music, video games, TV).

"It would take you 31 years to count to one billion...we did it in 6," Red Bull wrote on YouTube. "Thank you to all the procrastinators, the inspiration hunters, the travelers, the motivators, the trolls, the thrill seekers, and most importantly YOU. Seriously, if you are actually reading YouTube descriptions odds are you are a pretty amazing supporter. So to that, kick back and crack open a cold Red Bull. Here's to the next billion...Bieber, we're comin' for you."