October Surprise : One Presidential Candidate Has a Secret

What's the surprise?

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Oct 18, 2012

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A mysterious website claiming to have irrefutable evidence that one of our Presidential candidates has a secret has launched. October Surprise says it will release documents revealing that secret at 5.30 p.m. EST, on October 22. While it's possible that there might be an October Surprise in the works in the original sense of the word, we're not buying it. Our bets are: Either it's a "viral" marketing stunt, or the secret is something totally inane, like whether the candidates prefer sausage or pepperoni on their pizza.

The interwebz is of course, on the case, with sites like Fark and TFR doing some sleuthing to figure out clues in domain name registration, the timing and so on. Eitherway, at this point, Election Day is so close that all signs are pointing towards this being yet another Rickroll.

Update: The site openly admitted it was a Rickroll -- saying "Sorry folks. Did not expect this level of interest. Apologies Jokes! Vote!" The people behind it were the same guys behind what they refer to as "The Greatest Rickroll Ever," when they launched a site in 2007 that promised the latest Radiohead album info, and duped over 20,000 people into signing up. Super sleuths on Fark figured the whole thing out. The site and the Twitter feed have been shut down now.


Oct 18, 2012
October Surprise
October Surprise

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