Little girls predict their futures in a brutal, sobering film by

Don't Panic created hard-hitting spot for International Day of the Girl

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Oct 15, 2018

Editor's Pick, the anti-poverty charity co-founded by Bono, has released a sobering video to mark International Day of the Girl, in which little girls from the U.K. are interviewed about what they want to do when they grow up. 

Filmed by director Joanna Bailey via Snapper Films for Don't Panic, the film starts with the little girls cutely explaining that they want to be a "mad evil scientist" or a judge, as they twirl around to perky piano music. However, it all too soon gets darker as the girls voice other predictions about their future: that their husband will control all their money, that they won't be allowed to go to school, that they'll be subject to domestic violence. 

“We felt like we needed a hard-hitting approach to bring the horrible reality home and, seeing young girls answering this question in a brutally honest way, was a straightforward way to do this,” said Joe Wade, managing director at Don’t Panic.“Every girl should have the same opportunities as every boy, so I felt especially strongly that we needed to adopt a riskier creative approach to get the world talking about this issue now.”

The video is part of One's Poverty is Sexist campaign demanding, world leaders to invest in the world’s poorest women and girls, and ensuring they are not left out of the global push for gender equality.