A Girl Becomes an Art House Sensation With an iPhone Video in Apple's Latest Spot

Ad Promotes 4K Video on the iPhone 6S

Published On
Apr 27, 2016

Editor's Pick

In Apple's latest spot for the iPhone 6S, the phone's 4K video is so amazing that a girl's movie clip of her mom slicing a red onion transforms her into an award-winning filmmaker.

With more than a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor and nods to the world of art house movies, the ad shows how her video -- filmed casually as her mom prepares dinner -- goes viral after her brother shows it to some friends.

Soon it's being discussed in film school lectures, viewed in art galleries, and screened in arthouse cinemas. Meanwhile other filmmakers are enviously trying to jump on the bandwagon ("I want to make a film about snap peas,"), agents are vying to sign her and viewers are crying because they're so moved by "Onions." Finally, the beaming girl is awarded a prize at a ceremony hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.

Persuading amateur filmmakers to upgrade their iPhones could be a pretty smart move for Apple; the spot, by TBWA/Media Arts Lab, broke just as Apple released its first sales drop in 13 years.