Superman's Got Nothing on this New Hero

Publicis Conseil's New Campaign Turns Everyday Mobile Users into Powerful Heroes

Published On
Mar 21, 2014

Editor's Pick

Publicis Conseil and Sonny London director Fredrik Bond introduce a new kind of super hero in this charming new commercial for telecom giant Orange. The film opens with a pair of super heroes in the midst of a courting dance. A Superman-type stud tries to charm the spandex off his female counterpart, who is barely distracted from her reading material -- until another wooer comes along. The new guy doesn't have the brawn, or aerodynamic skills of the steely suitor, but his "powers" -- courtesy of Orange -- turn out to be total Wonder Woman bait.

The spot is part of a broader superhero-themed campaign that also incorporates online elements including the site, where visitors can witness the adventures of other everyday heros such as SuperJulie, SuperEmile and SuperNico, vying against the more traditionally powerful Mr. Invisible, Moonman and Titanos. A comic series illustrated by Reno will also educate customers on applications enabled by Orange internet. A social element that ran from March 17 through 21 also invited consumers to share their dream powers on Twitter with the hashtag #monsuperpouvoir, and illustrators created comic-style drawings of the most imaginative ideas.